Option 2:  Total Credit Card Processing/Order Taking Only.

Use B.C.H.'s 800 number, E-Mail and web-site. Orders are received from customers directly with their credit card (Amex, Visa, M/C or Discover)... and forwarded to you daily. After we process the credit card you will do the shipping. You receive a check based on list price less 35%. E-Book orders also accepted.

Titles are accepted if the publisher has a credible marketing plan that will result in a reasonable sales level.

Publishers need to understand that BCH is not a publicity or promotion service. You have to generate the sales. Your listing on our web-site will help but is not a substitute for your own efforts.

All new clients who would like to be listed on our website for secure ordering will be asked for a one time fee of $100.00 for the first title and $75 for each additional title. (except for unusual circumstances).

This will get your book cover, description and any links from your site to ours into our database and website.


Option 1: Total Fulfillment Including Stocking and Shipping.

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