Option 1:  Total Fulfillment including stocking and shipping.

BCH will inventory your Book, Audio, CD-Rom, Video or other products on a consignment basis.  Shipments are made the same day via UPS, FEDEX, Priority Mail or any express service requested.  A list of all clients will be forwarded to you with payment of list price less  35% for all items sold during that month.

We accept titles only if the publisher has a credible Marketing Plan that will result in a reasonable sales level.  A small number of books will be stocked with no storage or insurance charge.  For warehousing of pallet size shipments there is a fee of $35.00 per month per pallet.  However, if sales are poor over a reasonable period you will be assessed a monthly storage fee or you can choose to remove your books but retain our credit card order fulfillment only option.

Publishers need to understand that BCH is not a publicity or promotion service.  You have to generate the sales.  Your listing on our website will help but is not a substitute for your own efforts.

All new clients who would like to be listed on our website for secure ordering will be asking for a one time fee of $100.00 for the first title and $75 for each additional title (except in unusual circumstances). We can also sell to Amazon and get you listed on Amazon's website for an additional $100.00 per title. We also supply Barnes & Noble online bookstore, set up $25.00 per title.

This will get your book cover, description and any links from your site to ours into our database and website.

If you choose to sell directly to bookstores below is our discount and fee schedule depending upon the bookstore discount.

Bookstores @ 20% discount
50% paid to publisher
30% BCH Fee

Bookstores @ 30% discount
45% paid to publisher
25% BCH fee

Amazon Sales and
B&N @ 40% discount
40% paid to publisher
20% BCH fee


Option 2: Credit Card Processing/Order Taking Only.

Fulfillment Services


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