Distribution FAQ

Thank you for your interest in the BCH Small Press Distribution program.  BCH is an Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon and BN.com Distributor focusing on Small Presses, particularly with 10 or fewer titles.  Below is a summary of the program's principal features:

  • We will handle your orders from wholesalers and bookstores including shipping, invoicing, collecting, handling returns, reports and warehousing (quantities and cost to be determined).

  • Your title(s) will be added to our on-line catalog.

  • Publishers can have representation at Book Expo and other trade shows for a small fee when attending.

  • There will be a one-time administrative fee of $300 to add a title to the Ingram and Baker & Taylor data base. $50.00 for each additional title. Amazon $100.00 per title & BN.com $25.00 each per title.

  • For Ingram and Baker & Taylor you will receive 30% of the net sales ... list price less returns. There will be a 5% restocking fee for all returns. Outgoing shipping $1.00 per book maximum $25.00 per shipment and return freight fees are $ 1.00 per book. For Amazon and BN.com or any other bookstore you will receive 40%.

  • Payments are made quarterly depending on sales volume. A minimum of $200.00 is required for a check to be sent. Payments are held till until the minimum is reached.

  • BCH will insure your inventory held by us for 20% of its List Price.  If, for whatever reason, we request you remove that inventory (prepaid postage & freight charge), we will make every effort to contact you via telephone, e-mail, fax and/or post.   This will take place more than one time.  If you have not responded in a reasonable period of time, we will assume you want us to dispose of that inventory or you are no longer practically reachable. 

  • A small number of books will be stocked with no storage or insurance charge.  For warehousing of pallet size shipments there is a fee of $35.00 per month per pallet.

BCH represents over 800 Small Press Publishers, handling their Order Fulfillment needs. Our systems are simple and effective. We allow you to focus on writing and marketing-promotion.

You are responsible for creating the sale of your title(s) through your marketing efforts.  We can help, but you have to create the demand.

Should you be interested and desire more information, fill out the following submission form. If your title(s) meet the listed requirements, you will be submitted to Ingram and Baker & Taylor. Set up usually takes 1-2 weeks to put a title into their database and warehouse. No books under $10.00 will be accepted.

We look forward to helping you obtain bookstore exposure. Do not hesitate to call with any questions.


Diane Musto
BCH Fulfillment and Distribution
33 Oakland Ave
Harrison, NY 10528