CS = PR˛, Common Sense = Performance & Results2

by David R. Evans, CHME

Do you want to know what it takes to
become successful?

David R. Evans knows success generally starts with common sense. In Yield to the Power of Common Sense, CS=PR˛ he shares stories, wisdom, and personal success methods from his forty-year career in hotel management and sales. He credits common sense with helping him advance from new hire to Senior Vice president of an international hotel conglomerate.

He created a formula for success CS=PR˛

Using common sense CS=PR˛ leads to increased performance and results in all aspects of business and life.

In these pages, readers will learn:
• Why the art of selling is listening
• The importance of turning clients into friends
• How to manage without micromanaging
• Not to let emotions override common sense
• How to use innovation to overcome challenges
• That humility is the best mindset
• How to get your team onboard with your vision
• To stay in touch with reality and manage those listening to a different drum
• How to handle bad news quickly before it gets worse
• The art of building a better mousetrap to set your product apart

Part biography, part business book, Yield to the Power of Common-Sense, CS=PR˛ shares David R. Evans ‘many experiences serving everyone in the hotel business from celebrities to NFL teams and everyday people. His stories will entertain you while making you rethink how you operate your own business or make sales and marketing decisions, take action and ask for forgiveness later.

In the end, you will learn to use common sense CS=PR˛ in new ways to enhance your future success.

ISBN 9781890427399
236 pages

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