Discovering the validation those with chronic illness seek and why.

by Lisa J. Copen

When living with a chronic illness, the feeling of "No one gets it!" can shift from an occasional frustration to a constant grievance, steering one's spiritual walk onto shaky ground. In Why Can't I Make People Understand?, Lisa Copen, founder of Rest Ministries, provides unique insight into why people crave the understanding of those around them when they are suffering with a chronic condition. This book reveals and addresses the hidden aggravations many chronically ill people deal with and answers tough questions: How does your attitude affect whether you get the understanding you seek or not?

Should you pray for others to change their attitude about your illness?
Why do some prayers get answered, but with poor results?
How should you respond when people say hurtful things about your chronic illness?
Is it okay to get mad at God and express your true feelings?
How can your relationship with Christ help all of the above become less important?

Each chapter ends with a summary, reflection questions for individual or group study, and a scripture, ultimately guiding the reader to recognize that true validation can only come from the Lord.

(Review) "The author courageously addresses her title question, Why Can?t I Make People Understand? by concluding that the one dealing with chronic illness can?t 'make' them do so. Copen prods her readers to maintain an outward focus?to dwell not on misery, but on ministry. Coming from one of Job?s comforters, this could seem like mere religious posturing. But this is a book not of mere philosophical assumption and speculation, but of practical and Bible-based wisdom from one who has been there?indeed, who is there. Her insights are well worth your consideration." Rev. Robert Cottrill, former academic dean and teacher of Millar College of the Bible, Saskatchewan and presently interim pastor of Provost Gospel Church, Alberta, Canada

ISBN 9780971660045
142 pages

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