Attacking the Stress Myth From the Workplace To the Homefront

by Scott Sheperd, Ph.D.

This is not another one of those feel-good, think-happy-thoughts-and-you?ll-be-fine stress books. Who?s In Charge? is targeted at readers who have developed the bad habit of blaming stress for everything negative in their lives ? from the workplace to the homefront.
Routinely blaming stress for our woes, as if it were an unseen entity that lurks behind every door, is a far-reaching problem that has been promulgated by pop psychologists for far too long. Dr. Sheperd differentiates "real" stress (an internal physiological response or condition) from "pop" stress (such as being stressed out by your boss), and he encourages readers to rethink the habit of using stress as an excuse for bad behavior in their everyday lives.

This book attacks the stress myth, including ridiculous popular concepts, such as the paper-and-pencil stress test and stress "management." Dr. Sheperd says, "You are not doomed to spend your life managing your stress." Who?s In Charge? will give readers a totally new insight into the popular concept of stress. This is a book that will help them:

? Rethink how they look at stress ? and their own role in it
? Become aware that they are going to have to work to make things better
? Develop techniques to avoid giving away their power
? Understand that the way they view stress affects both their work and home life
? Quit fighting to stay miserable
? Implement strategies to keep Professional Negative people from pulling them down
? Realize that power is about choices; and if they don?t see the choices, they don?t experience the power
? Identify the importance of courage in moving forward with their lives
? Switch from just making a living to embracing the art of living
? Acknowledge the importance of the words they use to describe their situations, because words don?t just describe situations, they can also create them
? Learn what they must do to see the world with new eyes.

ISBN 9781568250717
140 pages

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