by Steve Simpson

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Nothing could be much worse than Theresa?s childhood and the damage and pain it caused her. As a result Theresa is a strong, resilient and witty teenage girl. At this stage of her life she thinks the only thing she has to deal with now is graduating and her fun romance with her boyfriend Steve? until today. Almost instantly her life is thrown into chaos. Not from problems within her home but from total strangers who out of nowhere are after her. Fortunately Theresa is the star of the track team because she immediately begins her run to save herself. Simultaneously, her boyfriend Steve, who had his own troubled childhood, begins to go through some amazing changes and acquires some fantastic abilities, which at first works to Theresa?s benefit with her new found enemies.

But then Steve?s new talents literally signal a new set of enemies of his own who have their ?out of this world? abilities and agenda.

Soon both Theresa and Steve apparently are threats to two powerful and resourceful groups who want to eliminate them. Their relationship is put to the test as Who Am I? explodes into a nonstop action chase. Theresa and Steve must use all of their talents, abilities and wit in order to survive and stop the threat these two groups present to our world. Just like in the past with their family problems, their humor will help them cope with everything that is going on around them; and they will rely on their greatest strength, their love for each other to survive!

Between the story of Who Am I? and The Teenage and Young Adult Survival Handbook, the topics of domestic violence, child abuse, alcoholism, suicide, self-esteem, bullying, and dealing with dysfunctional homes while coping with school are addressed; letting its readers know they are not the only ones with these problems, while giving them suggestions of how to get help and hope.

ISBN 9781944076016
216 pages

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