by Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D.
Illustrations by Sandra Betancort

This is the tale of the Angel of Hope and how, with the help of the Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphaela, she manages to reach her potential as a helping angel. The only thing that Hope wishes to achieve is helping others in need. At the beginning of the story, the little angel is not certain what her job is or if she has a name. Although she knows she was born out of thoughts of love, joy, and peace, she does not know her specific role. The little angel reminds us that truth protects us and love sustains us.

The story is accompanied by stunning illustrations created by Sandra Betancort.


Carolina Restrepo - 5 Star Review, Reader’s Favorite
"Even though Whisper Angel is a short story, it is a powerful one. Its message is clear; there is always someone or something looking out for us, we are not alone in this. Hope can be found even in the most unexpected of places. Complementary to the story, the illustrations had me enraptured; they bring the story to life in so many ways. They provide so much peace while reading, they are perfect for this particular story! Many people persevere through dire situations because they keep their hope alive and know that help is on its way; it is an unconscious motivation that helps us continue and solve things, even to help ourselves. “Always remember that truth protects us, and love sustains us” is a great lesson that I took away from this story.”

Bruce L Erickson, MotherEarth Media
“Whisper Angel is a perfect way to inspire a child into the reality of Angels. The little Angel whispers in your ear every time your turn a page.....and each time you turn a page you will hear her more!"

Iva Kenaz, The Goddess Within
“Whisper Angel is a beautifully written story full of hope and miracles. I loved how it introduces the main archangels in such a simple yet powerful way. A magical read for both children and grown ups.”

ISBN 9780997046786
38 pages

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