A pracitcal guide to help you through the worst possible time for making important decisions

by Judith Lee

Judy Lee is the authority on the pressing decisions people need to make at the worst possible time: when a friend or loved one is dying or has just died. Fortunately, this is not a situation most people will encounter often. That's what makes it so challenging?we don't handle these things frequently enough to get good at it.
Creating a step-by-step approach, this book guides you through the process, explaining what you need to know so you can prepare in advance for each action that may be called for.
The book tells us . . .
How to be a caregiver for a dying person
How to visit a dying person
How to help a caregiver
How to best handle final arrangements?what are the choices?
Wtat products and services cost
What to say or write to survivors
This is a valuable reference for everyone who is a caregiver or has family or friends for whom they will become responsible.

ISBN 9780972022781
200 pages

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