The Power of Understanding to Connect, Influence, Solve & Sell

by Christine Miles

Do you want to make a positive change in your life, work, or business? Do you want to improve your marriage, be a better parent, or drive more revenue to your business?

Then you’ve found the right book. What Is It Costing You Not to Listen? will encourage you to examine how you are listening. You’ll discover that not only are many of the problems in your life due to not listening effectively, but listening helps to solve most problems.

Christine Miles is a longtime expert in educating individuals and organizations on how to listen in ways that transform how they lead, sell, influence, and succeed in every aspect of life. Following the steps of her breakthrough Listening Path™ will provide you with a critical key to your success—understanding. Through Christine’s game-changing approach to listening, you will learn to:

- Hear what is said and not said
- Identify your listening persona and realize when it is unhelpful
- Soothe your subconscious so you can listen differently
- Listen with intent to gather others’ stories
- Replace interfering direct questions with just six questions
- Mini-reflect to speed up the listening process without getting lost
- Affirm to create alignment, break down walls, and solve problems

In business, listening is good for the bottom line. It creates trust between coworkers so they can solve problems better, get things done, manage conflict, stay engaged, and empower one another. In personal relationships, listening is an act of love that communicates to people they are important to you.

Isn’t it time you started listening better? Let Christine show you how.

ISBN 9781636181493
384 pages

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