Simple Strategies to Navigate the Unknown and IGNITE What's Next in Your Life

by Patti Smith

Are you settling for a life of status quo results?
Feeling empty and uninspired?

Do you believe you have much more to contribute, but don't know what that looks like or where to begin?
Well, get ready to hit "reset" and experience the unimaginable!

In What Am I To Do Now?, Patti Smith shares her Seven Step System to Ignite You.
This transformational guide will help you create an inspired, focused, and actionable life plan that will serve
as your compass in your what's next evolution.

In these pages, Patti shares her personal journey and those of others who have inspired her Through real-life
examples, she'll show you how to empower yourself through your setbacks to create a vision-driven life.
It's time to:

Inspire Your Imagination
Get Clear on What You Want and Why
Nail Down Your Decision to Go for It
Invite in Support from Like-Minded People and Mentors
Take Inspired Action Every Day
Embrace Gratitude Throughout Your Journey
Unite with a New Self-Image

Get ready to embrace living through the lens of possibility and experience unsurpassed vitality, fulfillment and happiness.
What to do now starts here!

ISBN 9781636182452
286 pages

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