For sale to the Lowest Bidder

by L.E. Coleman

As the country remains polarized over what to do about immigration, the outsourcing of American jobs, and an education system that has gone awry, L.E. Coleman openly discusses many of these issues in hope that it will stimulate a real dialog between the races. Central to the theme of this book is the call for black and white Americans to become self aware-that is-conscious of their part in the prevailing mindsets and events of our time and to recognize how these attitudes, mindsets, and events are polarizing ethnic groups and creating even more fragmentation among the races. Thus, nothing is left to chance in this book. Coleman candidly addresses the hot topics of reparations, black on black exploitation, government exploitation of the American worker, outsourcing and in-sourcing, privatization, media manipulation, education, and much more.

ISBN 9780979064456
138 pages

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