by Mary Strom Larson, Ed.D.

Virtually all parents believe that "other kids may be influenced by the media, but my kid isn't." However, up until about the age of eight, kids are not able to distinguish between fantasy and reality. So they actually don't know the difference between real life and what they see, hear and learn on TV, radio, video games and the internet.

Watch It! highlights the likely consequences of kids consuming television ad other media without adult intervention. It provides "What You Can Do" strategies at the end of each chapter to help parents intervene and reduce some of the media's problematic impacts on children.

Chapters Include:

- Life in Television Families
- What the Media Teaches about Dating and Sex
- The Media, Violence and Agression
- health Issues and the Media
- Media Stereotypes
- The Media and your Child's Brain
- Commercials and Consumerism
- Video Games in your Child's Life
- Stops on the Information Superhighway
- Becoming Media Literate

ISBN 9781568251097
210 pages

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