Create Power and Joy in Your Work Life

by Geri Rhoades

The Warrior and the Little Girl explores the two equally valuable sides to every woman that can be cultivated and capitalized on to create both happiness and success at work. Become conscious of their presence and their power and call them forth when they would be most useful.

More than 75 women share their experiences in a book that, through exercises, anecdotes and work plans, helps you become aware of the best of the Warrior and Little Girl in you. Discover this possibility and begin to reclaim the empowering and satisfying career you expected.

"Everything I need to work on, to find balance in my career and joy overall in my life, is in this book." Margot, International Marketing Consultant

"I have finally met my Warrior ? and I am delighted with the positive influence she is making in my life! Ms. Rhoades has done an incredible job of acknowledging the dualities that lie within us, and using these strengths to our benefit. You will have many "A Ha!" moments." Dawn, Officer, Financial Services.

"Ms. Rhoades has treated me to a phenomenal look at my Warrior and Little Girl. It's like Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ.....they were with me all the time, all I had to do was close my eyes and bring them forth. And I love them! Bravo to Ms. Rhoades for writing a book that will take women to higher and more powerful levels." Abby, Director, Healthcare

ISBN 9780976781301
171 pages

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