Life Lessons From The Cancer Community

by Michael Hayes Samuelson

Voices From The Edge presents the wisdom of real people who have been diagnosed with and treated for cancer. Written and compiled by a cancer survivor, this book offers interviews and survival stories of ten individuals who have faced death, who have been to the edge and returned.

Some of them have come back to "normal" life, resolved to endure, to live out the full span of years that they once took for granted, and they have put several years between themselves and their diagnosis. Others have returned for only a short stay, and they face each day with the reality that the next one, or the one after that, could be their last. But all of these people have returned with a new appetite for life. Their voices ring with their newfound passion - with hope, anger, fear, courage, acceptance, defiance, joy, love, and humor.

The "edge" in the title refers to a place - not a street corner or cliff top anywhere on this planet, but a place in the minds and hearts of people who visit this edge gain new vision, a new love for life in its most brilliant and enchanting detail. They experience clearly its music and colors and scents and wonders, the daily miracles that were always there, but which, like most of us, they previously took for granted.

Inspirational, entertaining, and profoundly genuine, this collection of very personal stories delivers smiles, tears, and quite reflection, but, most of all it leaves the reader with a lingering appreciation for the fact that the living part of life is captured in moments - not years.


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