Sex Abuse Accusations and Shattered Lives

by Mark Pendergrast

Each year, more than a million Americans are convinced by their therapists (or by misguided "self-help" books) that their childhoods were not as happy as they thought - that they harbored repressed memories of horrendous abuse by their parents, other relatives, and even satanic cults. Their identities are destroyed, their pasts rewritten, and their families are torn apart. Several books have been written about this strange phenomenon, some of them very good, but Pendergrast's has been consistently acclaimed by reviewers as the most comprehensive, balanced, and readable coverage of the topic. Originally published in 1995, the book was so highly received that a second edition came out just a year later. This important small-press book should be in your local bookstore, but if for any reason it isn't, you can always order a copy from us.
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ISBN 9780942679182
635 pages

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