Lead with Intention and Ignite Your Story

by Christine Gail

Do you feel that unleashing a more powerful vision for your life is long overdue?

Unleash Your Rising will transform the way you view the world, yourself, and your potential. Christine Gail has created this self-leadership blueprint to guide you into higher levels in your life, work, and relationships. Through reclaiming your story and the profound insights it offers, you will discover how to become a more impactful leader of your own life and in all of your creative pursuits.

Christine's message of unleashing includes simple tools you can apply that combine neuroscience, emotional intelligence, holistic health, and your superpower of intention and language. She reveals three levels of story that determine how successful you can be in your relationships, leadership, creativity, and abundance. By applying the principles in this book, you can:
* Understand and put into practice the inner workings of the a successful mind
* Deepen your intuition and further ignite your creative ability
* Set achievable goals and become pulled by your vision
* Shift the perception of your story as whole and complete
* Rise as a leader into more abundance, meaning, and joy

Finally, here is an invitation to unleash your highest potential, rise above your story, and activate your voice in this world.
Praise for Unleash Your Rising

"The exercises and tools in this book will set your life in an upward direction and inspire you to become a more reverent leader. Unleash Your Rising will challenge you to be honest with yourself and activate a vision that can impact the world."

-Jack Canfield, Co-Author of The Success PrinciplesTM and Chicken Soup for the SoulŪ

"Unleash Your Rising is a game-changer in personal development. No matter what you are aspiring to do, Christine Gail will unleash the part of you that feels like it isn't possible and flip the switch in your mind to make it a reality."

-Les Brown, World-Renowned Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author of It's Not Over Until You Win!

"Want a true, introspective book that will rock your world? Unleash Your Rising is it. Be ready for an amazing journey in story, emotional intelligence, and mindset. Whatever you are intending, you will find confidence within these pages.

-John Assaraf, Founder and CEO of NeuroGymTM, Best-Selling Author of Innercise, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Having It All

ISBN 9781947937963
271 pages

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