The Key To Running Your Own Office

by Jeremy T. Robin, Esq.

You're one of the fifty thousand annual law school graduates or one million American lawyers, and you either don't have a legal job or are dissatisfied with the one you have. Compounding your frustration is the reality of a tight legal market with a glut of lawyers. Do you panic and become a car salesman?

UNLEARNING LAW SCHOOL: THE KEY TO RUNNING YOUR OWN OFFICE provides a roadmap for lawyers, new and experienced, to develop their own solo offices. As the title suggests, success hinges on re-programming your legal mind. Otherwise said, attending to the needs of people as opposed to the painstaking particularities of rules must draw your focus. UNLEARNING LAW SCHOOL discusses, in simple terms, how to set up your own office, bring in paying clients, and sustain cash flow through marketing techniques.

UNLEARNING LAW SCHOOL is written by a Boston attorney with over eight years of experience running a lucrative solo practice. It offers a novel and spiritual approach to a venture often dismissed as risky.

ISBN 9780977632404
161 pages

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