A Functional Medicine Guide: Boost Your Immune System, Heal Your Gut, and Unlock Your mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health

by Peter Kozlowski, MD

“Dr. Peter Kozlowski cares deeply about the well-being of his patients and harbors true compassion, which is the most powerful driving force to help people heal.” —ANTHONY WILLIAM, THE MEDICAL MEDIUM, #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author


Have you ever overdiagnosed yourself using the Internet? Are you confused by the millions of complicated and contradictory answers to your basic medical questions?

Take heart. Unplug. Read this book!

Unfunc Your Gut encapsulates Peter Kozlowski, MD's heart-centered, patient-first approach in the groundbreaking field of Functional Medicine. In simple terms, he offers a research-based fusion of medical insights with mental, emotional and spiritual wisdom acquired through his own addiction recovery and healing journey. Doc Koz guides us off the Internet to seek and find answers to "what's going on with my health?" and empowers us with practical strategies (and delicious recipes!) to achieve authentic balance of body, mind and spirit.

ISBN 9781947708891
290 pages

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