Criminals, Chemical Abusers, and Batterers

by Gregory L. Little & Kenneth D. Robinson

Many professionals consider the personality disorders to be the most researched of all mental health diagnoses. This book is a monograph covering the basics of one of the most destructive personality types in existence. Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) afflicts about 4% of the total adult population. Prisons, chemical abuse treatment programs, and all levels of criminal justice supervision cope with the ASPD client on a daily basis. Many treatment professionals struggle to understand and handle the ASPD client. The authors have spent over 20 years each working with antisocial personality clients and researching treatment outcome. Understanding & Treating Antisocial Personality Disorder represents a comprehensive overview of the disorder's characteristics, its causes, and a review of treatment outcomes. Long considered to be untreatable, the authors show how modern behavioral and cognitive-behavioral strategies have reduced antisocial behaviors of treated ASPDs. Counselors, criminal justice personnel, and students will find this book useful.

ISBN 9780940829176
65 pages

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