Memories of a Japanese Prisoner of War

by Mario Machi

Against the advice of his father, Mario Machi dropped out of college and enlisted in the U.S. Army on February 17, 1941. War in the Pacific seemed imminent and he believed it was best for him to enlist early and get himself into something he liked. He'd had three years of college behind him at San Francisco State. With a major in physical education, he'd studied anatomy and biology, and some medicine, and decided the medical corps was the place for him. However, he'd received very little training and in September he asked to be transferred to the infantry.

Like all soldiers readying themselves to go overseas, Mario Machi had a dinner with his family and friends on Fisherman's Wharf, made wishes, tossed pennies into the water, began a diary and naively entered into his diary that he hoped this would be an "experience of value" and that he and all his friends would return safely. Two months later, they were thrown into a world they had not thought humanly possible.

ISBN 9780964252103
176 pages

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