A Memoir

by TT Torrez

As a young girl, growing up in the Bronx, New York, TT Torrez had big dreams. One day, she was going to be a DJ on the radio at her favorite station. But from her humble beginnings — homelessness, abandonment and molestation plagued her— none of TT’s dreams seemed to be within her reach. TT wanted desperately to not repeat the same mistakes her mother made; like teenage pregnancy and having seven children with five different men. Worse of all, being in a loveless, abusive relationship praying each time her mother would survive to see another day. Still, TT’s mother always reminded her that she was special and meant to do great things. In TT’s Junior year of high school, she began to realize that college was a possibility and she could defy all odds and with a tenacity that would have made others cave, TT continued to push her way through. She got accepted to the college of her choice and received her first big break working for the college radio station.
Trials to Triumph is the inspirational story of TT Torrez’s climb from the lowest depths to the highest heights. She is proof that how you start doesn’t have to be how you finish and that trials can indeed lead to triumph.

ISBN 9781732700208
304 pages

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