A lawyer's heart is a tiny target

by David Breithaupt MD

Driving to work, skilled San Jose Internist and Addiction Specialist Richard Drinkwater is ambushed and shot by a masked man -- fortunately, one with poor aim.

Police are stymied. The doc soon suspects one of his patients who thinks Drinkwater gave confidential, medical information to a legal panel resulting in disbarment and criminal charges.

Drinkwater's wife battles cancer while aggressive actions and threats continue against Drinkwater. The police attempt protection. Drinkwater won?t hide and is reluctant to arm himself. The book describes how he joins his wife in waging ?Righteous War? on their two foes.

* *

This story is dedicated to those who have had to put aside their long-held, societal wisdom, personal religious beliefs, even the law, and react to protect themselves and loved ones. These individuals confront unique challenges with what they feel are ethical choices and behaviors. Those who make such decisions, only after long, agonizing reflection instead of reacting to impulse, deserve even more praise.

ISBN 9780982559826
342 pages

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