by Richard Ballo

The Unbounded Heart of Grief Relief Journal is a place for your drawings, doodles, or pictures, as you express on paper what word cannot express. Each page is unlined and has a quote that offer guidance, direction, or contemplation.

Each of us has an artist within us yearning to scream, cry, create, and express our emotions in a visual format that tells the world how we are feeling. Mostly we create for our own emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. We create to present what we feel when words can no longer tell our story.

The Journal is used to express feelings and emotions through art, any kind of visual art that accesses parts of the brain that the written word can't. Expressing emotions of grief, and associated emotions, is a positive step in the healing process. Use this journal if you prefer to draw your feeling instead of writing them.

The act of drawing uses mind and muscles to help positive healing from grief. Grief needs many outlets, art is one.

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90 pages

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