A Discovery Journal for Self-Love, Confidence, and Uniqueness

by Grace DeLynne

The True Power of Girls will remind you that girls can do anything!

What is The True Power of Girls?

The True Power of Girls is about loving yourself and everyone around you. No matter your age, this book empowers you to go after what you want to do in life! Sometimes this means asking for help if you have challenges.

The stories and journaling exercises will help you:
* Embrace your emotions * Have a positive mindset
* Use power language * Feel more confident

The True Power of Girls is also about having fun and being brave, kind, and respectful. It's not about what you have or what you look like. It is all about who you are inside...a strong, smart, brave, beautiful girl!

What others are saying about The True Power of Girls:

“Grace DeLynne is wise beyond her years. It is refreshing to see this young lady's leadership and hunger to inspire the world. The True Power of Girls is a book that will help girls of all ages find their true selves and live confidently for their dreams!”
—Les Brown, World-Renowned Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author of You’ve Got to Be Hungry

“The True Power of Girls makes you want to go out into the world and live your dreams without any fear. This book is a beautiful guide for girls everywhere to realize their full potential and all of the magic that resides within them! Grace DeLynne is a clever communicator and a shining representation of the true power of girls!”
— Renée Marino, Best-Selling Author of Becoming a Master Communicator, Keynote Speaker, and Communication Coach

“Grace is a standout in her generation! Her didactic nature and her pervasive vision for social influence are evidenced on every page of this book. The True Power of Girls is a strategic guide to helping girls find peace, develop purpose, and discover the many ways they are already poised for influence in their generation.”
— Dr. Lisa Dunne, President of Chula Vista Christian University and Author of six books on generational influence

About the Author:

Grace DeLynne is an inspirational speaker, actor, and dancer, with a love of all things creative and fun. She began writing this book at the age of six and paused many times as she grew and learned first-hand about the true power of girls. Now as a tween, Grace loves inspiring young girls and women to discover their true power. Her heart’s calling is to act in movies and to give her books away to underprivileged girls. She lives in San Diego with her parents, her sister, and her new Aussie puppy.

ISBN 9781636181776
83 pages

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