by Nassim Odin

Winner of the 2021 Literary Titan Silver Award

A daring alchemist. A rogue alien. A battle of nerves and emotions.

Al-Khidr, a medieval alchemist, is awestruck when he discovers a mysterious metallic sphere inside a pyramid.

His curiosity catapults him through space and time to an alien planet called Lyra, where he learns that aliens consider Earth a cursed planet, and the pyramids on Earth were built by them. The queen wants to send the human back to Earth to bring a cure to the Mutmut disease. But a rebellion breaks out! With danger looming, a short time frame, and his life on the line, Al-Khidr has to do what he thinks is right and just. Find out more about his journey in this adrenaline-rushing book, the first in a sci-fi trilogy!

ISBN 9781954313064
402 pages

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