Transforming Your Life and Work with Critical Chain Values

by Robert C. Newbold and Bill Lynch

How can your bureaucratic organization achieve world-class speed and productivity? How can you better balance your time at home and at work? How can you spend time on the things you love, while at the same time keeping what you need? Find out in The Project Manifesto, gold medalist in the 2015 Axiom Business Book Awards. In it, Roger Wilson has to answer these questions when he goes from a dead-end job at Malloy Enterprises to managing Malloy's most urgent and important project, a secret development effort code-named Aurora. As Aurora's deadline looms ever closer, Roger has to figure out how to lead his team to success in the face of Malloy's inertia. At the same time, he struggles to keep his family together and to manage a revolutionary technology that seems to have ideas of its own. The Aurora team discovers that success is only possible when they challenge the basic values that underlie their day-to-day work. Their new Project Manifesto values, coupled with their new critical chain scheduling approach, lead to dramatic improvements in speed and productivity.

ISBN 9781934979181
280 pages

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