How a Media-Savvy Trial Lawyer Fights for Justice and Change

by Sanford Rubenstein, ESQ. with Royce Flippin

When it comes to making our world a safer, fairer place, civil lawsuits are a powerful force for change. Over the past 37 years, Brooklyn super-attorney Sanford "Sandy" Rubenstein has pursued justice for average people victimized by negligence or abuse on the part of business and government - while at the same time addressing the underlying conditions that made this negligence or abuse possible. In the process, he's become on of America's best-known lawyers.

In The Outrageous Rubenstein, Sandy writes about some of his most famous cases - including his representation of Abner Louima, the victim of a notorious episode of police brutality, and the historic settlement of Louima's lawsuit against New York City and its police union; the case of a young boy struck down by a drunk driver in an incident that left him brain-damaged and his best friend dead, which led directly to the passage of landmark legislation toughening New York State's DWI penalties; the tragic police killing of African immigrant Ousmane Zongo in a Chelsea storage facility; and Rubenstein's 90-day jailhouse vigil with his friend and client Reverend Al Sharpton, following Sharpton's conviction for protesting the U.S. Navy's bombing of the Puerto Rican island of Vieques.
Along the way, Rubenstein offers a fascinating inside look at his methods and motivation. "My hope and goal," writes Sandy, "is to use the power of our civil justice system to help create a safer and more equitable society for everyone."

ISBN 9780615308371
170 pages

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