by Michael Pellico
Illustrations by Christina Berry

The little witch does not know her age and has never had a birthday party or even birthday cake because witches do not celebrate birthdays. Even if she had a birthday party she has no friends and wouldn't know anyone to invite because she thinks everyone is afraid of witches. The Little Witch is anxious about what kids will think of her and whether or not they would even attend.

Sabrina thinks her friends would like the Little Witch as much as she does and is determined to have a big party for her, but she has never thrown a party for a witch before!

After much planning, the big day for the Little Witch's birthday party has come. Will the children attend? Will they like the Little Witch or fear her? What would they do at a birthday party for a witch? This is a delightful and timely story about the power of kindness, inclusion, acceptance and friendship that all children should read!

ISBN 9781733913058
40 pages

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