How Population Stabilization Can Foster a Healthy U.S. Ecomony

by John Seager and Lee S. Polansky

Offering insights and guidance from prominent academics and journalists, The Good Crisis: How Population Stabilization Can Foster a Healthy U.S. Economy (Population Connection; 2016) takes on one of today's most pressing challenges: keeping our aging population healthy, productive, and prepared for today's technologically-focused jobs. At the same time, today's youth must be prepared for productive futures through education, skills training, and delayed parenthood.

Dispelling anxieties about the impact of slowing population growth on Social Security, commerce, and society, this collection of essays presents innovative and practical solutions to issues from labor shortages to fossil fuel dependence. Backed by extensive research and real-world examples, The Good Crisis presents a path to a more productive, sustainable world.

ISBN 9780979668579
220 pages

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