The Bridges of Paris at Night

by Gary Zuercher

Paris at night. Already we're expecting something special. And that's exactly what
Gary Zuercher gives us in this gorgeous collection of photographs.Over a period of five years, Zuercher took his cameras out into the Parisian night to capture these stunningly evocative images. Not content with just creating these beautiful photographs, he undertook painstaking research into the history of the bridges, the results of which deepen our understanding of their significance.

This book is an eclectic collection of extraordinary gelatin-silver photographic prints of the bridges of Paris nighttime images that are breathtaking. It presents a unique and aesthetic vision of Paris because no one else has ever photographed all the bridges that cross the Seine in Paris in this way. We don't see crowds of people or heavy traffic. Nothing obscures the beauty and strength of the structures, the romance and symbolism of the bridges. Shooting in black and white allows the details to shine: -- the architectural elements, the artwork, nearby buildings, trees on the riverbanks, and the starry lamps that cast paths of light across the water.

Using his artistic eye and sophisticated photographic technique, Zuercher created these glorious black-and- white photographs, rich with detail and possessing a clear, luminous quality.

ISBN 978099630906
190 pages

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