by Camille Sanders

Time Reese has lived the good life for as long as her memory can recollect. Time?s undeniable beauty and affluent family background are merely masks for her promiscuous, abrasive and ?out for myself? mentality. She makes for a great match with cold hearted kingpin Trell; and together the two go on to operate one of the most merciless drug enterprises Memphis has ever seen. But when a familiar face resurfaces, and digs up the demons of her painful past, Time finds herself at a crossroads that may force her to make the ultimate choice. Tearney Richards is struggling to raise her two kids, both from different men, on government assistance. A chance encounter puts her in the crosshairs of Ethan Kish, a big time record label Exec who gives her the one thing she?s always dreamed of- a record deal. Her life begins to change dramatically and the girl who once had nothing now has everything. But, at what cost? Brena Sheldon went from waiting tables to living in the suburbs with a successful attorney. After his jaw dropping secret life is revealed, Brena gets an attitude makeover, moves out of state and embraces a new life.

ISBN 9780578118901
250 pages

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