An Amish Family's Shattered Dream

by Mary Schrock

I can’t go on like this, I must know!
Is there anyone who can help me?
Rosanna’s mind was spinning out of control!
In her anguish and turmoil, she buried her face
in her hands in an attempt to escape from it all.

Rosanna’s life as an Amish girl is strikingly different from that of most girls in her community. Must she be a perpetual misfit? She dreams of one day having a home of her own, raising children, and carrying on the Amish lifestyle and traditions. All she wants is to experience a normal and peaceful life.

However, her dreams suddenly come crashing to the ground when she overhears a conversation she was not supposed to hear and it threatens to unravel her life forever. Rosanna could lose everything she has ever known — her family, her community, her friends, and even her relationship with Paul, leaving in its stead a furrow of heartaches… and a future of genuine hope. Will she find the courage to do the unthinkable?

Forbidden thoughts. Life-altering decisions.

Mary Schrock was born into an Amish family and grew up in an Old Order Amish community. She joined their church, married an Amish young man, and had two children while living in the Amish culture and religion.

It was not until she was twenty-six years old that Mary and her husband realized some surprising truths about the Amish religion. This realization resulted in them leaving all they had ever known and enter the "English" world with a new Hope and purpose in life.

In Mary's autobiography, The Greater Inheritance, she beautifully tells the story of her childhood, growing up years, courtship and their early married life, and their journey to find the Truth.

Mary and her husband have five adult children (four of whom are married) and fifteen grandchildren. When she is not busy writing, Mary is active in her local church and she loves to read, scrapbook, sew, and bake.

ISBN 9781946598295
161 pages

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