A Weight-Loss & Fitness Mystery

by Fred A. Stutman, M.D.

Dr. Stutman presents a series of clues or rather tips in this unique weight-loss and fitness mystery book. This case presents a quick and easy weight-loss secret formula to rid your body permanently of unwanted pounds. The next clue is an anaerobic exercise-walking program. Walking boosts the weight-loss benefits of the diet plan, while adding the element of cardiovascular fitness to this diet and exercise program. This plan provides you with considerable energy, while keeping you fit and trim without strenuous back-breaking exercises. The last clue is the addition of strength-training exercises, which build upper body strength and provide great body shaping in this weight-loss and fitness mystery program. The clues presented solve the mystery of how to lose weight quickly and permanently and how to achieve maximum cardiovascular fitness. In addition, this case shows you how to prevent the degenerative diseases of aging, heart attacks, hypertension, strokes, and certain forms of cancer.

ISBN 9780934232265
310 pages

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