Be Yourself - Be Confident - Be Successful Communicating Personality

by Keith Grafman

A self-help resource for sincere single people who experience anxiety, have insecurities and are reluctant to engage themselves in online dating. Keith Grafman believes success lies in learning to maintain balance and express authenticity with confidence in communications.

The Art of Instant Message was written to help sincere people begin the process of forming a long-term, committed relationship. Readers include those who may have:

? Repeated, superficial relationships
? A history of dates with no chemistry
? Not turned dates into relationships
? No time for hit-and-miss online dating
? No faith in the online dating process
? Lost a loved one and looking anew

In The Art of Instant Message, Keith offers recommendations for optimizing profile presentation and early communication ?ice breaker? topics. Chapters include actual instant message conversations that illustrate examples of:

? Building a social foundation
? Shifting balance
? Disarming emotional barriers
? Establishing levels of balance
? Controlling energy flow
? Developing rapport quickly

For the reader who successfully communicates via instant message, Keith discusses principles and strategy for communicating effectively within e-mail, and directing later dialog on the phone and in-person. Four appendixes include lists of abbreviations and emoticons, suggested reading, online dating sites and punctuation for social communication.

Michael Egan of Spark Networks Says?

?Dating, and certainly online dating can be intimidating and stressful. The challenge to make a connection with someone, build rapport and eventually meet in person so that you can truly understand your compatibility, takes confidence and a well-thought-out process. Keith?s advice regarding how to best utilize instant messaging is a welcomed addition to the world of online dating and will serve everyone well as they aim to succeed in finding a long-term relationship.?

?Michael Egan, CEO of Spark Networks

(owner of and

About the Author:

Keith Grafman is a Renaissance man and professional salesman who believes in finding true companionship through honesty and confidence. He began his online dating ventures while attending Dickinson College, from which he graduated in May, 2006 with a bachelor?s degree in international business and management.
Over the years, Keith has encouraged many men and women to search for companionship online. He helps his clients create successful online dating profiles and teaches them to communicate effectively, with confidence, by being themselves.
Keith?s online dating pursuit led to his getting married?a relationship that began with a string of e-mails.
For more information regarding Keith Grafman?s seminars, public presentations or private consultations, please contact him at

ISBN 9781568251820
193 pages

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