Own Your Voice for Greater Fulfillment

by Diane Albano Ed.D.

What Has Been the Impact of “Being Nice” in Your Life? Has it Empowered You or Created Pitfalls?

Diane Albano has spent her life being nice, and experiencing the consequences. Now she shares how she learned to speak up for herself while still being kind to others.

In this book, you will learn how to:

• Identify with heartfelt stories from Diane’s life experiences as well as those of other women and men who have sometimes compromised their truth to be nice.

• Use evocative questions to gain insight with personal experiences for you to identify where in your life these experiences may have impacted you.

• Takeaction and apply coaching strategies for yourself to notice and maximize the power of owning your voice for greater fulfillment.

“The Art of Being Nice offers moving stories about the pitfalls of “being nice” and practical strategies for more empowered living, in this book, you are invited to break free of old patterns and create new behaviors that will inevitably lead to greater fulfillment in life.”
- Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and
Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

This book is written for women and men who can identify with life patterns of compromising their truth, their God-given talent and abilities, and minimizing the power of owning their voices for greater freedom and fulfillment.

Diane Albano is an author, professional speaker, highly-skilled consultant and certified life and leadership coach. She is a leader, educator and parent. Diane focuses herheartfelt passion, energy and unique knowledge to support and empower her clients to create the results they desire in their workplace and personal lives. She lives in Delmar, New York.

ISBN 9781950241545
274 pages

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