10 Tips For Anticipating, Embracing, and Using Change To Achieve Success

by Richard G. Stieglitz, Ph.D.

Your world has changed - and it will change again soon. Global competition, new technologies, acquisitions, out-sourcings, and downsizings have produced a business environment of perpetual change. It?s not surprising that executives wonder how to use such changes to propel their business to greater success. Business expert Richard (Dick) Stieglitz (www.dickstieglitz.com) knows after 35 years helping business and government leaders how to make change work for you. Today, ideas travel at the speed of light as we communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time, on any subject. To stay on top, you must do more than react to change. You must anticipate, embrace, and use change to your advantage. That?s what this book is all about!

Stieglitz uses insightful vignettes about success and failure to show readers how to THRIVE, not just SURVIVE, in today?s rapidly changing business world. He explains the new rules of the relationship economy, and tells you how to leverage change to your advantage. "Taming the Dragons of Change in Business" is a must-read if you want to get the most from yourself, your ideas, and your relationships with customers, colleagues, competitors and suppliers. The dragons he refers to are the emotional reactions and doubts you and your staff feel when an unexpected change occurs. They often cause you to resist essential changes or miss actions you need to take. The book is strongly recommended for executives and managers who are leading change in their organization, or are considering a career change. Stieglitz says, "Too many people think change just happens, and all they can do is to react. If you?re in that group, this book will change your beliefs and enable you anticipate change, embrace change, and use change to your advantage!"

ISBN 9780982050033
246 pages

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