Supportive Ways to help Someone Through Grief

by Barbara Legere

Talk to Me Im Grieving provides an empathetic approach to understanding grief. Having experienced grief after losing her parents, family members, close friends, and beloved son, Keven, author Barbara Legere writes with profound insight offering healing tips while focusing on how grief can be a form of love. In addition to her own experiences, Barbara has invited grievers to share stories about how loss has affected their lives.

This book is for grievers and supporters alike; the suggestions offer concrete language that comforts and steers away from the socially constructed cliches were accustomed to.

In this book, youll learn

How to give helpful and comforting support to grievers

A better understanding of what grief feels like

Why grievers want to talk about their lost loved ones but hesitate to do so

Talk to Me Im Grieving empowers supporters to be a genuine comfort to those experiencing grief and a space of grace for grievers where they are seen, heard, and encouraged to find hope.

Release Date: 8/11/2023

ISBN 9781957430164
127 pages

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