Things are rough as the resort. In fact, they're murder.

by Louise Gaylord

Oh, come on. It'll be relaxing.

What would Allie do without her beautiful sister? This time Angela's dragged Allie to a New Mexico Spa for moral support as Angela seeks a little post partum R & R. Who knew the spa was run by a woman who had been an adolescent ugly duckling Angela had tormented all through high school?

Louise Gaylord has really done it this time. She leads us through a series of totally believable twists and turns, to a startling showdown between Allie and her adversaries. In a stunning finale to the mystery Allie's forced to make a literally life or death decision. But that's not the end of the story. Not by a long shot. Louise takes us deeper and deeper into Allie's soul for a last revelation, before letting us off the hook.

ISBN 9780972022712
212 pages

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