A Novel

by Irene J. Steele

Very highly recommended and genuinely entertaining, "Some Glad Morning" is a deftly woven, original debut novel. Steele has been able to draw upon her own history and experience for inspiration in creating a believable and engaging fictional account of a young woman's struggle for love, for life, and for an understanding with respect to herself and those closest to her.
--Midwest Book Review

Steele enables readers to taste the exhilaration of change as well as the pain in the struggle for justice. All in all, Steele has crafted an inspirational message that will empower all, regardless of race, to embrace change.
--SistahFriend Book Club

Steele succeeds in exploring the pain of loss of a loved one, the fear of new relationships, shyness that requires another's support to overcome,and the dependence on a friend for survival in a strange environment in a very concrete 1980s Chicago. And she does so in a multifaceted way.
--Amazon Reviewer, M.J. Smith, Seattle, WA

Ms. Steele makes her case for the rights of African Americans but for all of us as well. Although the novel ends in 1985, it is as timely today as then. Ms. Steele is good at developing her characters. For instance, Aunt Rose. For all Aunt Roses's fun-loving ways, however, she ultimately is about keeping promises and enduring in the tradition of William Faulkner's character Dilsey in The Sound and the Fury or one of Toni Morrison's many admirable women characters.
--Amazon Reviewer, Foster Corbin, Atlanta, GA

ISBN 9780977251513
232 pages

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