Mat-based workouts during pregnancy and postnatal recovery.

by Cindy Cruse Ratcliff

Having A Baby Changes Everything!
That?s why Smart Moves Momma isn?t just another workout video! This is a ?whole person? workout designed to strengthen and bring balance to your Spirit, Mind and Body both during and after pregnancy.
Smart Moves Momma is a Christian mat-based workout DVD for pregnancy and postnatal recovery.

Features include:
? Devotions and Music Video by Cindy Cruse Ratcliff;
? Award-winning music video by Norwegian artist Solveig Henderson-Chaffee;
? Fitness Level Variations;
? Intro & Tips;
? Workouts underscored with additional music by soft jazz & Dove Award artist Solvieg Henderson-Chaffee and R&B recording artist Stephanie Hogan.

One of the most unique features of Smart Moves Momma is the Spirit Focus, presented by Cindy Cruse Ratcliff. Each of these three short devotionals will motivate you to go further than just the routine of physical exercise. Cindy encourages you with scriptures and personal insights regarding the awesome gift of life and the joy of nurturing as a parent.

Both the prenatal and postnatal recovery workouts demonstrate three levels of fitness and ability. Whether you?re advanced level or are just beginning a workout routine, you?ll find a partner on screen that will both encourage and challenge you. At just about 20 minutes, each workout is paced specifically to give you the full benefits of exercise while fitting into your busy schedule.

Both workouts are designed primarily to strengthen, tone, stretch and relax the muscles used to carry and deliver your baby. However, the exercises are derived from a combination of pilates, yoga, light cardio and sports rehab moves; so they provide a great workout for anybody of any age! Get Dad to join you!

Pregnancy and caring for a newborn challenges all aspects of our being: Spirit, Mind and Body. So many emotions, thoughts and feelings are involved as we prepare for and welcome a new life into the world. There are times of fatigue and nervousness, right along with the rushes of gratitude and excitement.

Music is one of the best ways to express our heart and set a positive attitude. By creating a relaxing environment of worship to the Creator, we are reminded that He cares for us, just as we care for our baby.

Both prenatal and postnatal workouts are underscored by a variety of music styles; and interwoven by inspiring songs of worship by Stephanie Hogan and Norwegian artist, Soveig Henderson-Chaffee.

At the end of the prenatal workout, you are encouraged to take a moment to enjoy the beauty of creation during Cindy Cruse Ratcliff?s video rendition of ?Great Is Thy Faithfulness.? The postnatal workout is followed by the Angel Award and Telly Award winning music video ?All the Way to Heaven? featuring Solveig Henderson-Chaffee.

To ensure you get the maximum benefit from this workout dvd, there are several helpful segments that can be selected from the dvd menu. These segments explain the video features and give tips on form/technique, as well as information on challenging yourself safely and effectively.

Below is a list of the ?Tips and Info? segments provided and what you can expect to learn.

Prior to beginning your first prenatal workout, click on this segment. Nicole goes over the basic format of the mat routine; and gives you tips on technique, form and breathing. She?ll also give you tips on how to listen to your body so your workout is both effective and safe. This segment will give information regarding physical signs to watch for to make sure you are not overdoing it and encourage you to work at the level appropriate to your fitness and comfort.

Whether you?ve been working out with Nicole during pregnancy, or just picked up Smart Moves Momma in time for postnatal recovery, take a minute to watch as Martha goes over basic technique, and gives tips and information on both pacing and challenging yourself as you work your way to be a healthy, fit new mom!

Cindy walks you through the various features of Smart Moves Momma and introduces the Spirit Focus segments.

Here you can find links and information on the music artists, instructors and others involved in the production of Smart Moves Momma.

Just need a minute to relax and refocus? Click on your favorite music video without the workout!

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15.00 pages

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