A Picture Book put to Story For the Depressed and Disorderly Who Seek Understanding and Belief From Their Current State of Mind

by Stacey Lane

The concept behind "Skinny Miss S. Was Very Depressed" is that of a confused, yet ever evolving girl displaying and reacting to the debilitating symptoms of clinical depression and other mental struggles. In coming to terms with mental illness she seeks the appropriate channels towards recovery.

There are several anticipated benefits of usage of the story of Skinny Miss S. which include only some of the following:

The dramatic and colorful messages are meant to reach those who have not been able to articulate and/or recognize their disturbed emotional state.
"Skinny Miss S. Was Very Depressed" can be offered as a gift from any concerned friend or relative or can be read by the loved one of a mentally challenged person in order to better understand what it is they suffer.
It can be found as reading material in the offices of any psychiatrist or mental health therapist. This book can also be used by a professional as a tool to help their patients understand and relate to any given diagnosis
which fall under the experiences of Skinny Miss S. Being that "Skinny Miss S. Was Very Depressed" was written in an edgy way, it provides comical relief to the mentally challenged in hope of lightening their perception on their very difficult road with mental illness.

"Skinny Miss S. Was Very Depressed" explores the differences between true mental anguish and societal judgments placed upon creative persons who exhibit non-conventional ways of thought. Stacey Lane delivers thought provoking material where each and every reader is entitled to their own opinions of what possibilities the mind unfolds without disregard to the seriousness of the reality of mental illness.

ISBN 9781890427115
254 pages

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