Selected Teachings of Swami Ashokananda for Spiritual Practice

by Sister Gargi & Shelley Brown

This is a valuable new guide to the practice of Vedanta and inner yoga: a priceless collection of spiritual instructions from Swami Ashokananda (1893-1969) to his close American disciples. Vedanta's eternal truths come alive in Swami Ashokananda's down-to-earth words of encouragement and advice. More than eight hundred passages for contemplation shed light on the spiritual path. Early chapters such as The Agony of Conflict and The Secrets of Suffering show how to cope with common problems; later chapters such as Be Calm and Meditate guide readers toward a higher state of consciousness. Shafts of Light illumines the heart of spiritual practice-its teachings can help seekers from any tradition enjoy a deeper spiritual life.Swami Ashokananda was a brilliant and accomplished spiritual teacher in the West.-HUSTON SMITH Swami Ashokananda's words ignited in his listeners the longing for realization on their own.-AMERICAN VEDANTISTSwami Ashokananda brought courage and strength to hundreds of lives.-THE BEACON

ISBN 9780970636836
192 pages

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