by Sandra M. Peters and Vincent F. Peters

We published this book because many pharmaceutical sales professionals have expressed the need for more in-depth selling skills, when dealing with specialist physicians. The book covers all of the different types of specialists, selling to foreign doctors, handling objections and questions, use of clinical data, bridging techniques and group selling presentations.
There is emphasis on psychological selling, with segments on observation skills, personality styles, and body language.

Effective sales call planning is one of the major objectives of the book. In essence what we have done is combine traditional selling skills with psychological selling to maximize the effectiveness of sales call planning and execution. There are worksheets and planning documents in all key sections to assist with sales call planning.

We believe in the psychology of selling. The way to build strong customer relationships and CRM is through an understanding of the behavior styles of your customers. We have focused heavily on customer behavior styles and provide a complete understanding of the different behavior types and their buying motives. We even go a step further, and offer all purchasers of the book a free computerized 360 CRM Sales Strategy Report on their most difficult customer. This report provides the salesperson with a complete selling strategy, everything from opening statements, to features and benefits, objections, anticipated questions, and a variety of closing techniques, specific to the customer’s behavioral style. This is "real world selling," and this is the only sales book that provides this service.

Our ultimate goal with this book is to provide each reader with a solid customer relationship management (CRM) sales call planning strategy that will not only help the salesperson get into the physician’s office, but will also make them more effective in their sales efforts.

73 pages

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