Empowering You To Build Relationships For Financial Freedom

by Shirlene Reeves

Tired of spinning your wheels at networking groups? Do you want to boost your sales, get out of your own backyard, generate a larger income and create a massive impact? If you're concerned about market competition, meeting sales quotas, or overcoming the anxiety of building a business that generates an income, then the knowledge and information in Selling Through Your Heart will help you take your business to the next level so you can achieve all that you desire.

In these pages, Shirlene Reeves, longtime entrepreneur, sales coach and builder of a multi-million dollar nationwide company with 23,000 people working under her, shares her long-sought after success secrets. You ll learn how to: Design your own business blueprint Uncover the secrets for becoming a media guest expert Become an effective community leader Build lasting, heartfelt relationships Master the 3 Step Sales Waltz-TM Make money while you sleep

This book is full of real-life insights, inspirational stories, and easily applied advice that will have you wishing you d read this book years ago. It's time you live the life you've always wanted by doing the work you love. Now is the time to become the powerhouse salesperson you've always wanted to be. The answers you've been looking for are here in Selling Through Your Heart.

ISBN 9781944335953
367 pages

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