Your Courage to Overcome Ovarian Cancer and Life Adversitites

by Leilani Essary Hurles

One Woman's Battle with Ovarian Cancer Inspires Laughter and Hope

Leilani Hurles' positive attitude and joi-de-vivre have turned her battle with ovarian cancer into an inspiring model of hope, determination, and laughout-loud humor for all who know her.

Through a series of weekly email updates, Leilani kept family and friends rolling on the floor over her cancer journey. She initially had little idea how inspiring her emails would be. But then people started to forward them on to family and friends. Soon Leilani's emails had circulated around the globe and were being read by prayer groups and cancer survivors worldwide. And then her die-hard fans insisted that she publish the emails as a book.

Now, in Ride, Baby, Ride! Leilani shares her story for the first time in book form, complete with photos, cartoons, and her unstoppable sense of humor and faith in the human will to overcome.

Join Leilani on an inspiring journey that will teach you to:
- Believe in Yourself
- Never Give Up
- Let Family and Friends Know You Love Them
- Keep a Sense of Humor(even when you really have to poop!)

ISBN 9781935586432
209 pages

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