by John F. Rooney

This novel, in order to depict realistically and naturally the hero's sexuality, does not pull any punches when it comes to the gay, erotic passages. These sensual interludes are presented as a necessary and integral part of the novel's narrative.

Philip Croft, a master spy for Her Majesty's secret service was cruelly outed and tortured for his homosexuality. He was a rice queen-partial only to Asian men, a gentle man who was betrayed by some-not for being gay, but for being too decent and na´ve. This novel traces Philip's life and his loves, and is a triumphant testimony to a gay man's passage to old age.

He kept his dignity and lived a full life while briefly thumbing his nose at his former superiors by opening a gay sauna in London. This book breathes life into a gay man who served his country through deception, and though his country punished him for his personal deception, he became the victor rather than the victim.

ISBN 9780975275665
280 pages

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