A Tale of ASWAN - African Survival Wisdom's Antelope Narrative - Plain Proverbs

by Martin D. Carlson
Illustrations by Alphonce Omondi Oketch

The codebook for survival wisdome on Africa's "endless plains" is, coincidentally, the same size as the book of Proverbs. Accompanying his family on his first Great Migration, young Rfaud Raksha will need the rudiments of this encoded wisdom for the best survival odds in navigating the hungry Serengeti. Fortunately, his father, herd Elder Oldman Gnu, is keen to impart the timeless, preservation truths. "Tastes" is therefore the ambiguous word in the title. If wise, Rfaud's response to his elders' instruction will be pro-active, and he will apply the life-lengthening principles to, well, lengthen his life.

ISBN 9780984879137
36 pages

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