The Natural Way to Health and Wellness Through Diet, Nutrition, Prevention and Natural Cures, or An Owner's Manual for Your Body

by Dr. Marvin Kunikiyo

Dr. Marvin Kunikiyo?s Revolutionizing Your Health will help you not only to understand the causes of disease, but also what the body requires to be healthy. You will learn how your body works and why it gets sick.

You will also learn:

?why the medical paradigm is failing us
?why so many diseases are caused by dehydration
?why ionized water is truly a ?magic elixir?
?the real cause of heart disease (it?s not cholesterol)
?why vaccines are a really dangerous idea
?how an acidic environment breeds disease, while an alkaline environment fosters health
?the truth about diabetes and high blood pressure
?why whole foods promote health while processed foods degrade it
?how free radicals destroy and anti-oxidants protect cells
?why chiropractic care offers much more than just relief from back pain


Revolutionizing Your Health is truly an Owner?s Manual for your body. When you understand these basics and apply them in your life, you will likely reap the harvest of radiant health. You will also marvel at this amazing machine called the human body, and the Intelligence behind it.

ISBN 9781935586067
230 pages

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