Healing A Hijacked Mind To Overcome Anorexia

by Jessica Goering, LMHC, NCC

Jessica Goering knows the horror of watching her child struggle with a life-threatening eating disorder. When Anorexia Nervosa invaded her son's life like a terrorist, everything changed for Jessica and her family. Desperate, Jessica quickly took decisive action to fight for her son's health and life. Read how she used love to overcome her fear and take action; fought tenaciously for her son's health and future; dealt with medical personnel and red tape; created a team of informed adults to save her child; overcame setbacks and celebrated small wins; avoided long-term labeling of her child by externalizing the disorder; and explored the reasons why this condition may have occurred.

Reversing Your Child's Eating Disorder is an insight-generating resource for parents, caregivers, clinicians, and behavioral health professionals from all disciplines. With her practical tips and personal stories, Jessica can encourage and guide you in your own journey to heal a hijacked mind.

ISBN 9781940984445
342 pages

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